The NeuroVP Team

Curious about the people behind our neurofeedback? On this page you can meet them all.

Clinical Team

Ingrid Valentin

Ingrid Valentin

Co-Owner, Clinical Management. Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, BCIA (

Ingrid came into contact with neurofeedback during one of her internships. Fascinated by this experience, she specialised in neurofeedback for many years. She worked for neurofeedback practitioners in Great Britain, Canada, Spain and Costa Rica. Ingrid takes care of the clinical management and intakes. She is also an instructor for the BFE and BCIA, and clinical supervisor for BrainWorks. Ingrid is also affiliated with the ISNR (International Society for Neurofeedback and Research).

Chloé Taudin



Caroline Duval


Tatiana Jelic


Zara Engels



Philippe L. Pascal

Co-Owner, Operational Management. Neurofeedback Technician. (

Philippe had been an entrepreneur for ten years when NeuroVP became a reality. Together with Ingrid, he started NeuroVP. Philippe looks after all business matters in the first place, and also takes care of some clinical work.

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