QEEG Neurofeedback

At NeuroVP, we specialize in 21-channel QEEG Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a training of the electrical activity in the brain. The method applied is called quantitative EEG, or QEEG. This treatment is non-invasive, which means that nothing is added to your brain. We only measure brain activity and give feedback on a screen. 

Make sure to read our information page for more explanation on what QEEG Neurofeedback is, and how a neurofeedback session is conducted.

Neurofeedback can be applied as a training (“Peak Performance”) or as a therapy (“Neurofeedback therapy”).

Neurofeedback Therapy

Our Therapeutic Neurofeedback can help you feel better without medication. Neurofeedback trains the electrical activity in your brain. During an intake assessment, we will measure what exactly is going on in your brain. The results of this measurement will be compared to a large database of individuals who do not have any complaints. Neurofeedback training will focus on reducing the difference between your electrical brain activity and that of people with no complaints. 

On the page below, we show several examples of situations where neurofeedback can be applied successfully. We can give you neurofeedback therapy with or without the referral of a physician, neurologist, psychiatrist or psychologist. 

Read more about Therapeutic Neurofeedback.

Peak Performance Neurofeedback

Next to the use of neurofeedback for therapeutic purposes, it can also be applied to improve cognitive performance. When we use neurofeedback for the latter, it is referred to as “Peak Performance Neurofeedback”.

Peak Performance Neurofeedback is mostly used by artists, entrepreneurs and athletes. Only over the last few years, Formula 1-drivers, people affiliated with the NASA astronaut training center, United Olympic Training Center, Norwegian Olympic Training Center, Singapore Olympic Sports Council, US Special Forces and Navy Seals training have been using neurofeedback to enhance their performance.

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