Peak Performance Neurofeedback

Even when you don’t have clear complaints, neurofeedback can be useful. In this situation, one would talk about Peak Performance Neurofeedback, which is about personal development. Just like a professional athlete trains every day, one can use neurofeedback to train their brain. This can be done with several purposes.

Peak Performance Neurofeedback is popular amongst artists, business people and athletes. For several years now, there have been Formula-1 drivers who have been trained with neurofeedback, as well as people from the NASA astronaut centre, United States Olympic Training Center, Norwegian Olympic Training Center, Singapore Olympic Sports Council, US Special Forces and Navy Seals training,…

Wat can be trained with Peak Performance Neurofeedback?

Depending on your wishes and personal situation, we can help you train for:

  • better resistance to stress
  • improved concentration
  • enhanced learning capacity
  • higher creativity
  • physical control for athletes; e.g. heart rythm control (biofeedback)

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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