Neurofeedback: experiences and references

Neurofeedback experiences; on this page, you will find some testimonials and references from people who followed NeuroVP QEEG Neurofeedback training.

Neurofeedback in ADHD, ADD and concentration problems

“The school results looked neat. She has made great progress!”
– Danielle, mother of Julie (10)

“Thank you very much for your help. Without you, Baptiste’s school year would have been at great risk. A big THANK YOU to both of you.”
Stephanie, Baptiste’s mother (16)

“I can see a big positive difference. Thanks to the sessions, my son can feel less anxious, he has more self-confidence and can concentrate better”.
– Shera, mother of Reda (13)

“With Rodin, we have been working from the age of 2 to improve his behaviour and overall performance in everyday ‘normal’ life. Every small improvement we see as a great miracle for him! With the sessions Rodin went through with you, we really see very positive developments. Thank you very much!
Denise, mummy of Rodin (7)

“We have just finished the sessions and I can only give 5 stars. Ingrid and Philippe are, apart from -of course- professional brainiacs, incredibly helpful people, who really think along with you to get you as healthy and happy as possible. The neurofeedback has done a lot for me. Both in the field of emotion regulation as well as planning and organisation. I generally function much better and feel better. I am going to miss the weekly big bang theory 🙂 Big Thank you!”.
Laura (36)


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Neurofeedback for sleep problems & insomnia

“I had great difficulty sleeping at night, and often I just didn’t sleep at all. Since my neurofeedback sessions with NeuroVP, I sleep in much faster. The positive changes came steadily and remained. This has changed my life!

Besides improving my sleep, I also feel calmer and better able to cope with stress. I always found the sessions themselves pleasant and relaxing. Ingrid and Philippe are very friendly and compassionate, and keep you well informed of your progress. They always have a clear and unambiguous answer to your questions. I am very satisfied with the results.”
Olivia (19)

“The sessions gave me mental and emotional peace. This was also reflected in daily life. Especially the persistent sleep problems, caused by a lot of mental and emotional restlessness, busy brain, have now been solved after years. Hopefully this will stay that way. But I’m really confident!”
Cora (67)

“It’s been a great pleasure choosing NeuroVP for my neurofeedback therapy. I warmly recommend Ingrid and her team to anyone who wishes to overcome their problems and fears.”
N. (25)

“I also wanted to thank you and all your colleagues for their very professional approach and friendly attitude during all the neurofeedback sessions. It’s been a pleasure and I will certainly refer your clinic to anyone who may need it.”
P. (48)

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Experiences Neurofeedback at home

“I look forward to discussing the results with you, because I feel much sharper, I am really impressed”.
M., Director (42)

“I feel so good and I cannot thank you enough. I never thought I would feel like a “normal” person again. This is so exciting, a bit like being sick and then enjoying how you’ve recovered! I hope the government/health authorities will get to know the benefits of neurofeedback and make it more accessible, rather than handing out antidepressants like sweets!”
V., mother (41)

“I wanted to give you some feedback about Ingrid – it is an honour to work with her: she is intelligent, wise and sweet, and it is an inspiration to have found her. I feel fully understood in my situation (amazingly). She uses her great knowledge to approach my difficult situation with a professional and at the same time very human approach”.
N., writer (44)

“The neurofeedback has helped me enormously with my post-concussion syndrome complaints. I was very happy to get the sessions at home, because I was unable to travel. My concentration and focus improved already after 1 session. My enormous mood-swings, depressive feelings, tinnitus, headaches and sleep problems are much less or gone and my energy has increased. After 20 sessions I am not yet where I used to be, but I am ready to start working again. Something that seemed really far away before the neurofeedback. And even more important: I can be a happy and active mum and life partner again! Ingrid, Philippe, Samuel and colleagues, thank you very much!
L., researcher (32)

“His last school report was much better than the previous one, so much better that he received compliments from the school director in front of the whole school! The teachers said that his attention in the classroom was much better. Maths are still a bit difficult. He organises himself better. His sleep and fears have improved and he is generally calmer. He doesn’t fight as much with other children”.
M., mother of T. (11)

“About Julian, he’s doing very well. We saw the therapist in New York, who had originally recommended neurofeedback to him. We showed her videos of Julian comparing his speech between 3 weeks ago and now (so just before and after neurofeedback) and the results are really remarkable. Hand movements, rhythm and tone are all improved and calmer, he makes better eye contact, goes faster and generally less tense. The results are really remarkable.”
K., mother of Julian. (12)

“I also wanted to thank you for your interest and involvment during my sessions with you. It was so good to just feel heard and believed from the start. I never had the impression that you couldn’t assess the severity of my situation, and I didn’t need to explain or justify myself to be taken seriously.”
N., student (20)

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These experiences (about Neurofeedback at home) were translated from several languages.

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