Neurofeedback at home or at a location of your choice

Neurofeedback at home? It is possible! Thanks to our collaboration with renowned UK company BrainWorks Neurotherapy, NeuroVP can offer you neurofeedback sessions from home or at the location of your choice (such as your office). A complete training kit is delivered to you, from the neurofeedback machine to the laptop computer. Our specialists control the laptop with a remote connection and give your session while videocalling you.

21-Channel Z-score LoReTa QEEG-Guided Neurofeedback

With our “home clinic” service, you can get exactly the same scientific neurofeedback as you would get in our office, but in the comfort of your home. The sessions, intake and analysis are all run by our same specialists. Turning on the training laptop and placing your EEG cap is all you need to do. You can find more information about our neurofeedback on this page.

How does Neurofeedback at home work?

1 Planning

Our team handles some administration and plans in your sessions. If you have already done a QEEG evaluation at our office, our advice will be more precise.

2 Delivery

At the agreed date, a courrier service delivers a case to your door, which contains everything you need for your sessions, including a Neurofeedback machine and laptop computer. At the end of the training, they also come to pick it back up.

3 Training

After the delivery, you can unpack and turn on the laptop. The onscreen options will guide you through connecting it to your WiFi, and from there our specialists will remote into the computer and guide you through your first session.

Neurofeedback at home; an all-in experience.

From transport to electrogel, from renting the equipment to analysing your data, our “Neurofeedback at home”-packages include everything in the price. You have more questions or want to book yours immediately? Contact us now.

For administrative and logistic reasons, we can only offer this service as a package. This means that you book 12 or 20 neurofeedback sessions at once. More information on the packages and prices can be found on our pricing page.

Testimonials about Neurofeedback at home

“I’m Looking forward to discussing the results with you, because I feel much sharper, I’m really impressed.”
– M., director (42)

“His latest school report got much better than the previous one. In fact it was so much better that he was praised by the director in front of the whole school! Teachers said his attention in class got much better. Math is still difficult. He’s better organised. His sleep and anxieties have reduced and he’s generally calmer. He doesn’t fight with the other kids as much.”
– M., mother of T. (11)

Read more on our testimonials page.

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