What happens during a Neurofeedback session?

During a neurofeedback session, one of our technicians is always present. First of all, they will help you put on the electrocap and then guide you during the session.

Once you have put on the electrocap, the training can begin. Depending on what we train, you will be shown a film or you may listen to music. This media will be the basis to provide you with feedback.

If your brain deviates too much from the optimal activity, it becomes more difficult to watch the film or listen to the music. At such a moment, your brain starts to find out for itself how to send its own electrical signal so that it can still see the film or listen to the music.

You will find an example below.

How does the feedback work? An example.

Our QEEG system measures your brain activity 256 times per second.

In the example below we see the measurements of a person who trains with us to have less high beta waves in the brain; these waves are the fastest waves of the brain, and are linked to for example anxiety. On the left, you can see that the person is moving more and more towards the norm (white is the norm, colour is deviation). Since she is moving towards a desirable activity, the monitor shows the film at full size.

On the right you can see that the high beta waves are peaking more. At that moment the film will become smaller (or darker).

When our system measures that the brain activity is heading towards optimal activation patterns, you can follow the film as you can see above. An example of the measurement is shown below. Be sure to compare it with the measurement on the right, and you will immediately see the difference.

The opposite will happen when your brain activity moves further away from the norm. The film becomes more difficult to follow. At that moment, your brain will try to figure out how to get the film back, and thus send the signal in the desired way.

What is the role of the neurofeedback technician?

For a training session to be successful, it is important that we receive the electrical signal from your brain reliably. This means that te first task of our technician is to ensure that the electrocap is put on properly and that we receive the signal correctly.

Next to that, our measuring equipment transmits the data to specialised software 256 times per second. Converting what is measured into feedback, is done entirely by this software. Our technician will not only start this software, but will also determine the level of difficulty and change it where needed during the session.


Some tips for your session

  • Keep in mind that we need to apply electrogel (colourless and odourless) to your head. Some of this gel will stay in your hair after the session. This can usually be easily combed out.
  • Try to come to your session rested. Are you exceptionally tense during your session, or did you sleep badly? Let us know, so we can take this into account.
  • Would you like to ask our specialist anything else? No problem. If you would like us to allow more time than usual for this talk, please let us know in advance, and we will try to plan this in as well as possible.
  • Above all, do as you always do – don’t do anything you don’t do otherwise (such as not drinking coffee that day), when you come to the session.

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