Neurofeedback Bornem: Neurofeedback Therapy in “De Remise”

Location & Accessibility

Neurofeedback Bornem: In Bornem, our team works from a multidisciplinary group practice. This location is easily accessible by public transport, on foot, by bicycle or by car.

Neurofeedback NeuroVP
Multidisciplinary centre “De Remise”
Room/doorbell: Amethyst
Kloosterstraat 16
2880 Bornem

Schedule an appointment

At this location in Bornem, we only work by appointment. To book an appointment, you can always contact us via +32 490 43 38 77. On this number you can call, text or send a WhatsApp message.


  • Intake and evaluation Neurofeedback therapy
  • Intake and evaluation Peak Performance Neurofeedback
  • 21-channel QEEG Neurofeedback

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